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This information will hopefully help you on your search for a healthy, happy Cavalier and ethical breeder.   I breed and show and have one litter planned for this year.  I keep a short wait list and rarely have puppies available without a wait.  

This breed does have heart problems and you need to be fully aware of this on your search for a healthy Cavalier.   Ethical and reputable breeders Cardiologist Board Certify hearts on breeding stock YEARLY and will provide you with the proper OFA certification on the parents.   Sadly, because Cavaliers have become so popular in the past few years, many PUPPY MILLS
and back yard breeders have started breeding Cavaliers with no thought regarding temperament, health and heart problems.   Many innocent people like you, have purchased Puppy mill puppies, usually at a Pet Shop or from a Broker newspaper ad, and ended up with disaster.   It sounds quite strange to say NEVER buy from a pet shop, but PUPPY MILLS are the only place (other than a backyard breeder) that will sell to them for resale.   Ethical breeders abide by a Code of Ethics within the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Clubs and are not allowed to sell for resale.   For this reason, ONLY PURCHASE FROM A MEMBER OF THE CAVALIER CLUBS. Here is a link to our San Diego Club Code of Ethics, Click Here.

All Cavaliers are pets!  
Wanting a pet does not affect the price.

May I suggest you attend a dog show in your area to meet some reputable and ethical breeders?   Attending a dog show does not mean you have an interest in showing, but it will help you know if this breed is right for you, and you can see lots of Cavaliers together, meet some other breeders and touch the dogs if you ask. You can also see what "type" & "color" you may like, at a show.  Remember, Cavaliers come in four colors.   Go to  Jack Bradshaw  and click on shows to find most Southern California shows, for all others go to  Info dog , click on show information/calendar and search by state.    It will give you most of the shows in the state and when and where they are.  Most people who show their dogs (like myself) place most of the puppies in a litter with people who have no interest in showing. I like to see my prospective puppy owners attend a show.  They are always glad they did, and grateful to me for suggesting it.   Many change the color and sex they "thought" they wanted after attending.

purchase a puppy from anyone that does not have the clearances and cannot show you the Mom or Dad.  Beware of anyone who wants to meet you away from their home. These are NOT ethical breeders! If you walk into filthy conditions and have a bad feeling, leave.  
Please report to the humane society bad conditions, you will be doing the dogs a big favor, and your name remains anonymous, always, and the facility/home will be checked out.   Many, many Cavaliers (and other breeds) have been saved by your calls.

Only purchase from a breeder who belongs to the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA or a local AKC approved Cavalier Club. This is the first question to ask ANYONE you are considering purchasing a Cavalier from.   If they say they don't belong, DO NOT deal with them.   If they say yes, check it out, or ask me, I belong to both clubs and my local Cavalier Clubs and can look at the membership lists.

"Club Affiliations" does not mean they are a member of the Cavalier clubs.


BEWARE of brokers who advertise in the Newspapers. Ethical breeders of Cavaliers NEVER advertise in the paper. Be careful. I cannot stress enough to ASK for a copy of the board certified heart, hip and eye clearances on BOTH parents if you do not know the breeder.    
Ask if the Cavalier is AKC registered. Many "inexpensive" dogs are not registered with the American Kennel Club and most certainly ARE NOT health tested for heart, hips, patellae  and eyes.


If you are interested in a Broberry Cavalier, please respond and I will send you an application. Click Here