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Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

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Champion Loranka's Gucci at BroBerry


  Bred by Lorraine Hughes in North Wales, I can not thank Lorraine enough for entrusting this beautiful boy to us.  Entered Five weekends as a Special, winning four Best of Breed, an Award of Merit and a Group 3. Unfortunatley, Gucci suffered an accident that led to having four of his upper front teeth removed which has ended his show career.  He is quite content to stay at home and play with puppies and sit on my lap.

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Gucci wins the breed at the The National Dog Show in Philadelphia, 2008.

Photos with Host, John O'Hurley


Champion Mayfield's Lady Libby


CH Grantilley Good to Be Great x Mayfield's Fleet Street Wilma

Or should we say CH Mayfield's Mother Earth? Libby's favorite thing is being a Mom.  She just loves puppies.  All puppies.  Anyone's puppies. She will often sneak into the whelping box with new puppies that aren't hers and try to nurse them!  She is sweet, quiet, gentle and loves to hunt bugs and lizards and birds!  She will launch herself into the air from the ground or furniture at whatever she perceives to be the "wildlife" of the day.  Libby was a true joy to show in the ring and her tail never stopped wagging. After winning her Championship Title, she retired from the show ring to be a mom but occasionally comes out for Specialties. At over nine years of age, Libby will have to be content as a grandmother and baby sitter, a role she is happy to fulfill!


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Mayfield's  Sophisticated Lady

"Sophie Marie"

Ch Redthea Millie Mayfield x Ch Ravenrush Impresario

Sophie Marie is my pampered little princess.  She is the only one of my Cavaliers that doesn't like the show ring.  She loves to go to the shows, but would much rather lounge on the hotel bed, buried under pillows  and wait for room service than parade around a ring. She doesn't feel that a judge's opinion is necessary, she knows she's beautiful!  She would much rather cuddle.

Her mother, "Redthea Millie Mayfield" holds the AKC record for producing champions.  Her father, Ravenrush Impresario, was the first winner of the ACKCSC National Show. And her litter bother, Mayfield's Mighty Mouse is a Best in Show Specialty Winner.


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