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Show Dogs

Grand Champion!    GCH Broberry Dolly Madison


CH Broberry's Made For Me "Mimi"

CH Broberry's Made for Me, "Mimi" winning Best of Breed

CH Mayfield's Lady Libby x CH Loranka's Gucci at Broberry

My first homebred Champion, Mimi runs things around here.  Out of all of my Cavaliers, she is the handful.  With boundless energy and athleticism, she could play fetch 24/7 and will rarely take 'No' for an answer.  Her mission in life is to remove the stuffing from every stuffed toy ever made.  Mimi loves the show ring and in April 2010 achieved her championship title with a Best of Breed from the Bred By Exhibitor Class over several gorgeous champions. Now that her title is finished, we may reach for her Grand champion title in 2011.


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Broberry Dolly Madison,"Dolly"

Ch Broberry's Made  For Me x Grand Ch Mayfield Ace of Hearts

Dolly is cut from the same cloth as her mother Mimi.  Her athleticism and agility is truly something to behold.  Dolly is constantly busy and the word to describe her would be flibbertigibbet. Constantly in motion, she is really fun to show! 

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Mayfield Miracle at Broberry "Aggie"

Pictured above at 6 months old winning Group 2 in the
Puppy Toy Group at Cabrillo Kennel Club in August 2011.

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Broberry Believe It Or Not "Ripley"

Ripley is owned by Marian Palmieri and they are both new
to the Show ring but are doing very well.  Ripley is pictured above with his
breeder CJ Brogan at the Bahia Kennel Club Show going
Best of Winners.

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