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Below is a list of supplements that I will use.  I never give all of these ALL of the time and I will rotate through them.  In my humble opinion, I don' t think it's good to "always" do something or "never" do something.  Everything in moderation and use commonsense.


VEMMA liquid vitamins and minerals For YOU and your pets! The Vemma Nutrition Program™ consists of Essential Minerals® and Mangosteen Plus™. We believe so strongly in this combination that we offer a 100% money-back, risk-free, empty-bottle guarantee. While there are many juice products on the market to choose from today, most offer very little in terms of critical vitamins and minerals. So why take a juice product and a vitamin/mineral supplement? With Vemma, you get it all!  For the dogs, I give one ounce a day with either breakfast or dinner

Today's best natural supplements combined in a single delicious, money saving formula. Perfect ratios multiply the effectiveness of K9 SHOW STOPPER with each built-in supplement. Save 50% by replacing these products:

•  Joint Glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM-even Hyaluronic Acid !

•  Coat Omega 3, 6, DHA & more

•  Vitamins/Minerals Freshest, most bioavailable

•  Pre/Probiotics FOS & Lactobacillus plus

•  Muscle/Performance L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine & others

•  Antioxidants Blueberries, grape seed—even lycopene

For more info on Show Stopper


  • Organic, Virgin, unfiltered Coconut Oil -

    Reduces or eliminates odor and bad breath in dogs

    • Clears up skin conditions such as eczema, flea allergies, contact dermatitis, itchy skin, etc

    • Makes coats become sleek and glossy

    • Helps reduce weight, increases energy, improves digestion

    • May help with arthritis or ligament problems

    • Can also be applied topically to cuts, wounds, infected ears, bites and stings

    Recommended Dosage: Solid or liquid it can be added to regular food or given between meals. A good daily amount for dogs is about 1 teaspoon (5ml) per 5kg of body weight (but start at a quarter of this and build up slowly). Use similarly for cats and other animals. These are general guidelines only.

    Some pets may experience temporary side effects such as diarrhoea. If this occurs, reduce the dosage temporarily or cease use if unsure.

    The link will take you to an online source for purchase, but you can also get at Whole Foods.  The key is that the Coconut oil be Organic and Virgin.


  • Dog Zymes - when I feed kibble or canned I will use these Enzymes and Probiotics to aid digestion and absorption. They aren't necessary when I feed raw.  Remember I rotate my foods through raw, canned and kibble.


  • Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs-

    All-natural salmon oil
    Grizzly Salmon Oil is derived only from wild Alaskan Salmon. The salmon oil naturally retains its balanced blend of valuable fatty acids and is further protected by adding all-natural Rosemary Extract. It contains inherent antioxidants and traces of vitamins that naturally occur in the salmon. This all-natural product will not interfere with your dog's intake of vitamins from other sources.

    * Some Cavaliers are predisposed to have lipid deposits on their eyes.  A diet with too much fatty acid could cause this, so don't over-do the Omega Fatty Acids. Remember to rotate and never do one thing for too long.


  • Dr Kruger's - Healthy Skin and Coat Formula  -I use this on my show dogs to help get a full healthy, shiny coat.


  • Udo's Choice Pet Essentials -

    This all-vegetarian, powdered supplement provides crucial nutrients to augment your dog's normal daily diet. Contains a special blend of synergistic ingredients rich in essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes and phytonutrients with absolutely no fillers, binders or other non-nutrient ingredients.

    Rich in organic seeds, whole foods, herbs, greens and trace minerals in their unaltered, natural state. This is a fantastic choice for a natural nutritional supplement to support overall health!

    • Fiber and enzymes help maintain regularity and support the digestive system.

    • Greens are rich in chlorophyll, minerals and trace elements.

    • Organic flax seeds support the cardiovascular system, help maintain good muscle tone and promote a healthy skin and glossy coat.



Cosequin is a nutritional supplement to help small dogs and cats maintain healthy joints. As pets age, it is common for their joints to become less flexible which impacts their mobility and quality of life. Cosequin is an exclusive formula to support and maintain the health of your pet's joints. This supplement has kept my two older boys from needing surgery.  They have both suffered joint injuries while playing and Cosequin supplements brought them back to good joint health without surgery. And the great part is, no side effects like NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory)  or steroids.

A natural, safer alternative for sore joints... with a new approach!
Duralactin is not a drug or steroid, but is a natural product derived from milk. It contains MicroLactin, a patented, special milk derivative that works differently than NSAIDs or steroids. Milk has long been known to have more than just nutritional factors - the anti-inflammatory effects have been known for decades.
Duralactin can help relieve the clinical signs associated with inflammation and help your pet live a more comfortable and active life.

A safer alternative for chronic inflammation:
•Safer, effective management of chronic inflammation, including osteoarthritis.
•No toxic side effects, making it ideal for long-term use.
•Can be used alone or in conjunction with NSAIDs or steroids.
•Highly palatable, vanilla-flavored tablets are scored for easy dosage.

A new immuno-nutritional aid for the management of chronic inflammatory conditions including osteoarthritis and soft tissue injury in dogs. Ideal for long-term use. May be used as a primary supportive nutritional aid to help manage inflammation or in conjunction with NSAIDS or corticosteroids.

High in milk proteins. Low lactose content. Easy dosing schedule. Each tablet contains 1000 mg of MicroLactin (Milk Protein Concentrate). All ingredients are food grade.




  • Vetricyn:  

    When your dog has an open wound or infection, Vetericyn should be the product of choice because it is easy to apply into the affected area to treat infection while accelerating healing. Vetericyn works quickly to treat the infections or open wounds. In addition, it is safe as water so it will not harm your dog or the environment. Dogs typically lick their injury so any treatments applied should be non-toxic. Vetericyn is non-toxic so it will not cause injury if it happens to be ingested or licked after application. This is possible because Vetericyn works in the same way as your dog’s immune system. As such, the body recognizes it as a friendly infection-treating ally. Vetericyn also creates an optimal environment for healing.

    Wounds treated with Vetericyn have demonstrated a reduction in healing time by up to 60%. Vetericyn significantly increases the oxygen content at the wound site within 30 seconds and maintains that oxygen level for up to 36 hours. This increase in oxygen along with the reduction of infection is responsible for these accelerated healing times. As a one-step cleanser and dressing, it eliminates the need for multiple products while reducing the application time and requirements.

    Since it is “no-rinse”, it leaves no film or residue to clean off. And unlike traditional antiseptics and topical antibiotics it does not damage healthy tissue. Finally, it is compatible with most gauzes and acrylics and can be used prior to application of other treatments.  Great for:

    • Hot Spots

    • Eye infections

    • Skin irritations

    • Cuts and scratches

    • Outer ear infections

    • Rashes

    Purchase on Amazon


Apple Cider Vinegar

As a pet care product, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is hard to beat for its versatility, availability and cost.

Use the unfiltered, organic ACV that has not been pasteurized for best results.

ACV should not be fed however, to a pet who is sensitive or allergic to yeast. In these cases it is believed that the vinegar can feed or exacerbate the problem.

A great number of dogs with skin allergies have been shown to be yeast-sensitive.

Here are some of the more common benefits you can derive by using apple cider vinegar as a natur
al product for both cats and dogs:

Pet Care - Daily Health Tonic

The minerals, enzymes and acids in unpasteurized apple cider vinegar can supplement your pet's existing diet. It can be added either directly to the dog's food or drinking water.
Besides being a good source of easily absorbable potassium, apple cider vinegar aids digestion, inhibits the growth of unfriendly bacteria and helps maintain the proper acid/alkaline balance of the digestive tract.

Many holistic Vets recommend a daily dosage of:

  • 1 tsp (5 ml) for cats and small dogs (up to 14 lb)
  • 2 tsp (10 ml) for medium dogs (15 to 34 lb)
  • 1 tbsp (15 ml) for large dogs (35 to 84 lb)

Note: Do not feed ACV to dogs that have irritation of the intestinal tract lining.

If you plan to use it for your pets regularly, an excellent organic apple cider vinegar can be ordered online in one gallon containers at a very reasonable price, using the link below:

Bragg - Apple Cider Vinegar, gallon,...

Pet Care - Ear Care Product

Unfortunately a large percentage of dog and cat visits to the veterinarian are for ear problems, but the good news is, you can help reduce these visits by cleaning your pet's ears on a regular weekly basis.
An inexpensive way to do this is to dip a soft cotton ball into a solution of equal parts apple cider vinegar and water, and use it to swab the inside of his or her ear.

For an infected ear, use 5 ml of the 50:50 vinegar water solution per 20 lbs (9 kg) of body weight, applying the solution with a syringe obtained from your local pharmacy. Gently rub in the solution then wipe the inside of the ear with a soft cotton ball. This should be done daily for 5 days.

The vinegar helps to control the growth of unfriendly bacteria and other microorganisms that are a common cause of ear infections, and as a result, this will help keep your pets from scratching their ears.

Pet Care - Fleas and Ticks

Rather than use commercial sprays, powders, pills or collars that use very toxic chemicals to kill fleas and ticks, many people prefer to take a more natural holistic approach. According to Martin Goldstein, DVM, some of these products could also be harmful to your pets.

As an alternative, Roger DeHaan, DVM, suggests using a homemade shampoo and rinse that kills fleas and at the same time soothes irritated skin:

  • Add to an 8-ounce bottle of your favorite pet shampoo, 10 drops of tea tree oil and one tablespoon (15 ml) of aloe vera and shake well.
  • Shampoo your pet as you would normally then wait for 6-10 minutes.
  • Rinse with apple cider vinegar diluted in water. (1 tablespoon ACV to 1 pint of water)


For minor flea infestations, another recommendation involves washing your pet with a gentle shampoo, followed by a thorough rinse then spraying on apple cider vinegar diluted with an equal amount of warm water. Allow the pet to drip or shake dry.

The fleas will drown in the soapy shampoo water and the vinegar rinse will acidify your pet's skin making it very unattractive to other fleas and ticks.

Pet Care - Slimming down Ingredient

For those dogs and cats that need to lose weight, Robert S. Goldstein V.M.D., and Susan J. Goldstein have written an excellent article on how to help your pet lose those unwanted pounds and become happier and healthier along the way.

They include a slimming supplement that you can make at home that is made from kelp, lecithin, vitamin B6 and organic apple cider vinegar. Click here to view the article.

Pet Care - Improved Dog Fertility

Dr. D. C. Jarvis, in his popular book Folk Medicine, recounts the story of a dentist friend of his who was having problems breeding boxer dogs. He had five females in his kennels and only one litter had been born in the last year.

Dr. Jarvis, thinking that this was due to a lack of potassium and other minerals, suggested that the ration of each dog be reinforced daily with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

During the following year all five female boxers produced litters and the puppies were born strong and vigorous.