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In beautiful San Diego,


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Coronado Bay Bridge

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The Gaslamp Quarter

Midway Museum

VD Day Statue
Unconditional Surrender
25 feet Tall

Mission Bay

Mission San Diego Del Alcala
Built 1769

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CJ Brogan
San Diego, CA





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About "BroBerry"


CJ lives in San Diego with her husband Jim, her Cavaliers and one mini-lop-earred rabbit named Ziggy.  In 1997, she decided that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was the breed for her and after months of research and investigating, chose a reputable, ethical breeder, Marilyn Mayfield.  Marilyn sold her Riley and in March of 1998, brought him home to San Diego.  CJ owned and showed her Cavaliers for over four years before breeding because there was just so much to learn and many mistakes that she wanted to avoid. Being around good breeders that had meticulously bred their line of Cavaliers for years to establish sound healthy dogs helped guide CJ in the right direction. Traveling to England, Wales, Ireland and Japan has given her the opportunity to see quality Cavaliers around the world.  She  co-owns her girls with Marilyn and several of her litters have the "Mayfield" prefix.  In 2007 CJ had her first BroBerry litter of puppies, one of which is a Champion and has qualified for the Eukanuba National Championship. CJ belongs to and is the President of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Greater San Diego, the CKCSC of Southern California, CKCSC USA and Cavaliers of the West.

Always a huge help and ready to jump in where he's needed is CJ's husband, Jim.  A former NBA player, Jim is quite competitive and hates to lose in the show ring!  Jim currently runs his own company, Jim Brogan, Inc.  This includes a motivational Program for Kids and Teens, The 10 Steps to Success. The Cavaliers look at Jim as a Six Foot, Six Inch Toy and rarely take him seriously.  All of the Cavaliers at BroBerry will fetch and retrieve and are always up for a game of ball with Jim!